Services & Skills
Development Management Trust has successfully rendered professional services to international / national, public and private agencies and offered broad spectrum of services in the following areas:
Resettlement & Rehabilitation Action Plan Implementation.
Development of manual of RAP implementation.
Identification of tenure ship (Title Holder & Non-Title Holder).
Entitlement cum I-card preparation.
Micro Plan for compensation and assistance disbursement based on R&R Policy.
Structures valuation and assets replacement cost based on BOQ and local norms.
PRA based resettlement planning and development support.
Community assets relocation planning & support.
EMPs Plan implementation and monitoring support.
Hygiene, Environmental sanitation & Water sector
Hygiene promotion & sanitation strategy with communication.
Identification & Planning of community water structure development – Hand pumps/Bore wells, Ponds, Storage tanks etc.
Awareness & strategy formulation on water borne disease prevention - personnel hygiene practices
Planning & development support for community toilets, low cost sanitation & implementation for environmental sanitation.
Rural Development and Livelihood Restoration
Inventorisation of rural infrastructure (Road, Water & Sanitation, Social Infrastructure etc.)
Strategy formulation & implementation for management of village community assets.
Poverty alleviation and programme support development
Micro enterprises development.
Socio-economic, household survey & stakeholder analysis.
Agriculture diversification – dairy, processing and rural markets, linkages development.
Social mobilisation and community development
Groups formation, federation and linkages development,
Community corporate partnership development.
Process documentation, user group formation
Population and Health
IEC in AIDS and HIV prevention – Identification of hot spots, vulnerability mapping, tracking and prevention strategy.
Strategy for malnutrition and community based local micro nutrient identification and supplementation in their food diet.
Intervention and planning support for quality assurance of services delivery in health and family welfare.
Community based strategy for reduction in child mortality.
Policy and programme inputs in health economics and institutional assessment.
Institutional Development and Capacity Building.
PRA tools development, social & skills mapping.
Log frame development and SWOT analysis.
Monitoring Indicator Development- physical, financial, institutional, purpose and behavioural etc.
Gender backstopping and empowerment programme support.
Training - enterprise activity development & skill-based training promotion.
Training Needs Assessment and jobholder's analysis.
Appraisal and Monitoring of Projects and Programs
Identify SHG and community organizations for specific task in civic services and poverty alleviation.
MIS for grievances redressal and decentralization of services.
Natural Resource Management and Environment
Watershed development and management.

Afforestation, plantation, tree parks and highways plantations

Wasteland development and land reclamation.
Ground water and biomass development.
Education and Communication
Planning and development of community based primary education system.
Intervention to encourage the female child education and reduction in dropout before higher secondary school completion.
Strategy for increasing functional literacy and vocational training.
Developing public private partnership and sponsor program.